Why I Design 2016 | Museum Of Vancouver

Why I Design is an annual event hosted by The Museum Of Vancouver that invites visitors to explore and celebrate innovation in action. Dozens of designers are stationed throughout the museum to discuss their work with attendees throughout the evening. With over 20 Vancouver-based designers, Why I Design 2016 is an experience packed with innovation and intrigue.

An Honest Mimic | FIELD Contemporary

Visual simulations of human selfhood populate the online world. They conjure an anxiety brought upon by the unsettling yet subtle otherness characteristic of digital replications. The imperative to translate identity online hinges on a deep disjuncture between the realness of the organic world and the constructedness of the virtual. This unresolvable tension fuels the insatiable impulse to perform and present one’s self – digitally.

The New Flesh | The Wrong Biennale

The New Flesh is an ultra-fresh Post-Cronenbergian exploration into the absorption of the human form into 1’s and 0’s. This digital art group exhibition, presented at VIVO Media Arts Centre in affiliation with The Wrong (again) – New Digital Art Biennale, considers what flesh is through the screen of a computer.

Vaporwave | VIVO Media Arts Centre

Vaporwave Curated Video Program VIVO Media Arts Centre July 8th 2015 Program Notes: Vaporwave is an artistic style that has recently emerged as an internet art phenomenon. The form, though somewhat obscure and disparate due to its predominantly online origins, can be characterized by its trippy and ironic combination of visual references that range from…