Press Coverage and Mentions For Curated Projects

InterAccess Turns 35: Toronto as a Hub for Electronic Arts
Rendrd Magazine

The Latest in Old/New Media
Canadian Art Magazine, News In Brief

“This Canadian dial-up art is older than the internet, and was long thought to be lost — until now”
CBC Arts

“Where Are We Now? Feeling Our Way In Post-Cyberfeminist Space”
Canadian Art Must-See List

“The Future: Before”
Canadian Art Magazine Must-See List

“10 art shows to be excited about in 2018”
Now Magazine (print)

“10 art shows to be excited about in 2018”
Now Magazine (online)

“Pattern Recognition”
Canadian Art Magazine Must-See Lis

“Vector Festival Considered Top Pick on BlogTo”

“Why I Design 2016 Celebrates Innovation in Action”
Vancouver Is Awesome

“SCOUT LIST | Ten Things That You Should Absolutely Do Between Now And Next Week”
Scout Magazine

“4 Must-Sees at the MOV’s ‘Why I Design’ Event”
Western Living Magazine

“Experience innovation in action with The Alinker walking bike at the Museum of Vancouver’s 3rd annual ‘Why I Design’ event”
Vancouver Magazine

“An Honest Mimic” Canadian Art Must-see List
Canadian Art Magazine

“Digital Art Explores The Body In The New Flesh”
The Vancouver Sun

“New Additions #10: Unstable Signal/Glitch Video”

“The New Flesh” Canadian Art Must-see List
Canadian Art Magazine

“The New Flesh”

“The New Flesh” CBC Arts Interview
CBC Arts

Alumni Interview
OCAD University

Discorder Magazine

SYS.TE/M FAIL.U+RE: Revelations of the Interface

Also, I was in this music video once: